When a local food business demonstrates how customer service should be

cafe luna

Cafe Luna – How customer service should be!

Friendly, great service, home cooked food to perfection – all you need from your local cafe.

From breakfast to lunch, lunch to dinner – Cafe Luna has exactly what you need for that well needed lunch hour or the bacon roll in a hurry!

The cafe is well presented and extremely clean then to top it all off, of course, is the excellent customer service! Let me give you an insight into just how welcome and cared for you are at Cafe Luna with a run down of the customer experience-

  •  As soon as you walk in you’re greeted with a smile
  • You can then help yourself to a seat of your choice and a newspaper if you wish
    -Menus are already available on the table
  •  The happy, professional staff will then come and ask you what you would like: drinks, any preferences such as ”cut the fat off of the bacon” etc
  • Make your order at the table or the counter – sit back, relax and in a few short moments your meal is served!
  • Enjoy, I’m certain you will.
  • (Rumor has it, when they can, there is a chance of a slice of their delicious cake – on the house! Who can resist? What a way to go the extra mile – especially on a rainy January afternoon!)

These few points may seem simple, but when everyday life isn’t, simplicity can be blissful. Agreed.

Visit Cafe Luna, Corby on Facebook – just click the link below.


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