A blog about A Vlog

Well, this one is a bit different. Different-good however. On Sunday evening I received an e-mail which LookFantastic sent out to their customers headed ‘Are you who we’re looking for?!’ and instantly I clicked on the banner to find out more. Am I who they’re looking for? I was crazily intrigued as all weekend I had been looking into hints and tips for blogging, reading some of my fave’s and signing up to tonnes of websites hoping to find the direction I needed so when I seen this e-mail I nearly burst with “maybe I could-be’s” and “This is scary, but I’ll give it a go’s”

“Do something every day that scares you” – Eleanor Roosevelt

The above quote is definitely one of my absolute favourites and because of this quote, I was able to think, “Just go for it and enter!” – I did, just yesterday in fact.

The competition is a blogger/vlogger’s dream! Even getting as far as a finalist would be something unreal, having the privilege to go to #LF HQ and check out all of the inside news on the beauty set and then, if you’re a winner the list is endless of just a box of happiness, honestly, I can’t even put into words, you really have to check it out and do what I did, Apply!

The application is in 4 stages all done through the fine art of selfie-style videos! My goodness, I can’t even take a good selfie on snapchat with those flawless butterflies let alone take four 5-minute videos about me one of which including a make-up tutorial! I did it though, I went for it and without my passion for blogging and to really make something of my love for writing about everything and this opportunity to push myself further from LookFantastic, I would never have embraced this piece of me which I found I loved every second.

My partner is constantly telling me to start my own beauty vlog as beauty is my weakness (as well as chocolate and wine, of course!) and I can talk  – like, really talk. When I get home from work or even if i’ve had a few silent minutes anything can trigger my ‘inner-yap’ and off I go with the most random questions, jumbled sentences and “YOU’LL NEVER GUESS WHAT’S” ( I think he wants me to talk to the camera to catch a bit of a break in all honesty), so with the #LF comp, I made my first little ‘vlog’ (video interview?), something in the middle more like and I actually had so much fun! I’m not even embarrassed like I thought I would be, after all – it’s just me.

P.S – Please remember, I can not take a great selfie and these photos are however the video ended, not posed 😀 Please excuse the photo’s but they’re genuine nonetheless. lol.

What I’m hoping you’ll discover from reading this little snippet of my Monday afternoon is what I got from it – a little taste of something you deep down know you can do, something you’ve been avoiding through the millions of thoughts that make you put something off but when you do it, the sense of achievement is awesome! Don’t hold back from what you’ve been meaning to do, re-arrange that shoe-drobe, try out that dance class and start that blog! If I can, so can you & don’t forget your smile, it’s beautiful 🙂

Not forgetting to thank LookFantastic once more! #ConfidenceBoost


2 thoughts on “A blog about A Vlog

  1. Zara Hill says:

    I’m sure you’d be fab 🙂 you should give it a try, it’s not as scary as it seems haha – however I’m yet to watch it back fully 🙈 xx


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