You Got This.

Usually, I begin a post with a title in mind after long thoughts of what I want to blog about and how it will best be put into words, a title usually throws itself at me. Not this time. I have no choice but to write and see what best describes my post once I’ve figured it all out. ‘Figured it all out’ – there’s a phrase. A selection of words which create a short sentence that many if not all of us can say we haven’t done. And is that wrong? Why is it portrayed to us in movies and social media that the majority have to have it all worked out and people need to be for their futures by ‘this age’? They aren’t. And that’s Okay.

I’d say I’ve done and lived a lot in my 26 years. Well, certainly from the age of around 19. The age I decided life wasn’t doing what I needed it to and applied to work as a kid’s rep abroad the joy was unreal when I found I was successful in my application. Before I knew it I was all trained up, packed and ready to jet off to sunny Zante (Greece).

A few years and 5 seasons later, I returned to the UK to settle into A life back home. It wasn’t easy. I would go into the struggles I faced but I don’t think I or the world is ready for that. My close friends, boyfriend and family saw me through my hard times of 2014 and I can say it was definitely a roller-coaster. The doubts that went through my head of being home for ‘good’ scared the life of me. It soon settled down as I adjusted to life and had my epiphany that your world is what you make it and one day I discovered the ability to once again turn negatives into positives. Had i begun to ‘figure it all out’? Nope.

Being Twenty-Something isn’t all make-up and hen parties. Being Twenty-Something is a confusing, spinning, high, low, left and right mental block. Well, to me anyway. More questions, the desire to make the ‘perfect life’ and the need to have or at least to have begun to ‘figure it all out’. Let me tell you, it doesn’t happen easily or quickly and for me, not really (just yet). Don’t take that as a negative, I spoke earlier about swinging those negatives into positives and that’s what we’re going to do!


At Twenty-Something, I think you’ll all agree (and will find many blogs about) is the age where some puzzle pieces fit together, and some are those really awkward pieces where someone’s ripped off the bobbly bit that would’ve fit perfectly into the space! This age shows you which friends really are for life and which aren’t (or weren’t if you’ve already figured this dilemma out). This age begins to really slap you in the face with some hard reality which makes you realise not everyone will like you. Not everyone has the same intentions as you and most of all not everyone will want to see you succeed. That’s fine.


So, as we’ve gathered. It aint’ all clear in ones mind about what life is, what it isn’t and what it should or shouldn’t  be but it’s here. Being lived and will continue to do so therefore, what’s best is not to ‘figure it out’ but to live through everything life catapults at you and throw it right back with a lesson learned, loved and ready for the next one.


I do know that finding a way to express my experiences through my blog is one of the most wonderful decisions I’ve made. I love it. I love blogging about, well, everything. I’ve just began a ‘Skin Care and Professional Make-Up Artist Level 3’ course which is mega detailed about all things beauty (behind the scenes and in front). I’m currently learning ‘The Biology of Skin’ which is amazing and I can’t wait to start practising my new skills and knowledge on my biggest loves. My friends, family and boyfriend. (They’re clearly in for a treat) I’m doing this course as I’ve always had a love for beauty and helping others through beauty and this started at a really young age as I used to be in awe of my Auntie’s and their fabulous looks. I have a full-time job training as Nursery Manager which is awesome and when I’m not working, I turn to my hobbies which make me who I am. Beauty, Travel & Blogging.

I would love to have the answers to deliver the best way to embrace life’s challenges but I’m still finding those ways for myself and when I experience those I’ll be sure to share. In the meantime, here’s what I find works for me…

  • Coffee. Americano with a TINY DASH of milk – For daily strength
  • Poached Egg, Avocado, Chilli & Lime – For a wonderful brunch
  • Beauty Box Subscriptions – For a Monthly Treat
  • Lay-In WHENEVER YOU CAN – Cause sleep is fan-bloomin-tastic
  • Bubble Baths followed by a face-mask, scented candles and something you love on Netflix
  • Speak in a Scottish accent. Your colleagues will LOVE it (they won’t. but if you laugh at your own jokes, this one’s for you)
  • Face-Time with your bestie during pamper time
  • Book a trip away. Have a cocktail. Go shopping. Sleep and Lay-in (If you love sleep as much as me, take advantage of that late check-out!)
  • Talk about it. To yourself or whoever you feel most comfortable with
  • Remove and Remember. Remove yourself from negativity (go for a walk, take that bubble bath or sit in the back of your fave’ coffee shop) and Remember the things, people, places that make you feel calm & happy
  • Smile. A smile is something which isn’t always easy to wear. When I find mine doesn’t fit, I’ll dig out my reserve and pop it on with some help of one of the above or quite simply write to you 🙂

Do whatever it is that makes you remember you. If you forget your smile, it’s okay. If life is more stressful than you’d like, don’t worry. It won’t be tomorrow. We’re all learning more about ourselves Enjoy it. Live it. Change things which will make you love life that little more and keep going. You got this, even when you know you haven’t.

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