Oh… There You Are!

That moment when you finally have a bloody clue where life is going. Blissful isn’t it? I’ve been on some journey and I’m still on it in a way but this time I’m actually able to answer people when they ask “how are you?”, “how are things going” etc.. I can tell them I have a plan and it feels absolutely friggin’ wonderful.

I thought I’d add a little update, some words of experience and a bit of bloomin’ positivity for once by sharing what i’ve learned and hopefully continuing to help you on your path to wherever.

These little points are about thinking of yourself and taking that control of your own life that you probably forgot was yours!


Lately, I’ve learned:

  • People DO care.. As much as you may think people are just talking at you when you’re in a hard-ass situation, they actually are talking the best sense you’ve heard in your life. They will also listen to you repeat yourself time and time again, tear after tear and still be there for you. When you have amazing people like this around, don’t let them go
  • Its YOUR life (believe it or not) .. Yep, that’s right. This life is YOURS so guess who’s #1…? and guess who’s in charge of it…? YOU ARE! and you’ll not be able to give your 100% until you realise that and start looking after #1.
    Do it, try something today that’s just for you. You deserve it!
  • The waiting game is pretty dangerous ... If you wait for a decision to be made for you, well, you could be waiting forever my friend.
    Make your own decisions, put your life into your own hands and I can promise you that as soon as you put your life in order you will feel so much more positive. Just knowing you’re going somewhere even if it wasn’t what you’ve been waiting for, remember that you’ve just made a decision for yourself and for your own future. You should be proud!
  • It’s not how I imagined … Things won’t always be how you thought they would. The way you vision something to turn out or the way you think someone feels isn’t always going to be as you would like it to be and the answers you get aren’t always going to be how you expect.
    “So what should I do?” – Accept it. Don’t dwell on it and look after yourself, especially your mind.
    So what if it’s not perfect. So what if it’s not ideal. You are worth it and you will get back all you’re putting in to life right now. It’s on it’s way to you. It’s just waiting for the right moment and when it happens – there you’ll stand remembering who you are and that you deserve to be happy
  • I almost forgot – HAVE FUN, say YES and remember there are people in your life who want the best for you 🙂

There’s a lot I’ve learned lately. I had really lost myself in the last few months and i’m on the first stepping stone towards bringing me back to life and people are noticing already which is awesome!

oooh & I’m going to be starting my very own YouTube channel soon! I wanted to wait until life was back to how it was supposed to be but I’ve also learned that’s not actually a thing so screw it, time waits for no-one and I’m not either! There’s a lot to do first but I’m getting there so if you wanna be super amazing and follow what i’m up to so far then go check out my Instagram 😀

Catch up soon!

Wads of love & smiles,

Zara x

Instagram: @yourcustomerservice XTXP8241[1]


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