About yourcustomerservice

yourcustomerservice is a blog site focusing on all aspects of customer service. I have been on very intensive, professional customer service courses through a previous job of 5 years and haven’t looked back on the service I provide daily and the services I expect to receive.

With my previous job I worked abroad a lot from Greece to Spain and in between. I would be responsible for providing and role modelling excellent customer service and going that extra mile each and every day; my current job in the UK is very similar but in a slightly different way with the type of customer I deal with daily.

Customer service is extremely important to me and should be to you too! I find it very hard to be on the receiving end of poor customer service, however, I do take into consideration a lot before I make my judgement of ”OK, they’re clearly having a bad day or a lot on their mind” to ”This is down right unacceptable!” If poor customer service is received, the management team should have the answers – bad day or not.

I consider myself a bit of a self-made mystery shopper and have created this blog to tell the truth about the service I have received and the service I may see.

I absolutely love trips away, eating out in cafe’s or at the most beautiful, expensive restaurants. Spa Days, hotels, camping – anywhere to relax and gain a new or old experience should, to me, come with excellent service.

If you promise to provide it – deliver it. Your customers deserve what’s on the label YOU’VE created!

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