A Black-Tie NYE

This NYE me & my partner had no clue what we wanted to do so we decided on something simple yet special – something we’ve done before but this time with more bubbles in the glass and counting down to midnight!

We decided to check out a village pub near where we live, The Old White Hart in Lyddington & luckily at 10pm on New Year’s Eve-Eve they had our favourite room available ‘ The Bede Room’ and space for dinner! We asked what they had on for the evening and there was the option for a 3-course meal in their michelin star restaurant which from experience we knew would be lush!

Holly, the amazing lady who has dealt with our reservations both times and not to mention this time around was literally at the very last minute and she still managed to sort everything perfectly – she deserves a medal! (or a big glass of wine or three)

The night was wonderful. Everything from our stunning room (The Bede) which is a lovely country, shabby-chic style with the most fabulous jacuzzi bathroom as you go up the spiral stairs, just wow!

We relaxed like crazy and slowly began to get ready for our 3 course meal and wine as we enjoyed the room to it’s fullest. I recommended the Bede to a colleague after our first stay and she pretty much booked right away as a surprise for her husband, she always tends to ask me for the best places to stay as she knows I can be super picky ( in the best way possible, i hope )

As soon as we arrived at the bar we were served our canapes (we just threw them in our mouths without a clue of what each of them were – tasted good though!), ordered our drinks, a pint and a rose wine and sat down at our table for our meal. It was stunning & for £50 a head it was all completely worth it.

After I finished my dessert (and my partners), we ordered a bottle of prosecco to toast in the New Year (and for one before and after – it was New Years afterall) we got up and danced away until the inevitable 10..9..8 and so on till everyone cheered HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

I reckon this could have been my best NYE yet. You really need to try The Old White Hart for yourself.

The staff are just lovely, the food is out of this world (a little secret for you, they have deals on in the week! Me & my partner went, we had 3 courses and two drinks each for around £55 altogether! Bargain!) Even if you don’t book a room, pop in for a drink and a bite to eat for the perfect Sunday afternoon as you’re surrounded by unique decor, a cosy bar and beautiful restaurant.

Happy 2017 and here’s to the best one yet!

The Place Aparthotel – Manchester

Hotels, where do I start? Well, I basically began this blog because of my absolute love for staying away and finding the perfect place to stay with the customer service to match!

It was February and I was planning a weekend trip away to Manchester for a 30th birthday surprise. Man United game, drinks, Manchester shopping all planned I just needed that ideal hotel to top it all off so I decided to browse booking.com. After hours of comparing hotels, location and prices I came across ‘The Place’ and instantly fell in love with the images provided though I couldn’t be fooled by a sales image (of course the best ones are chosen to attract the audience!)

I checked out their website and I was set – this is the one! I clicked ‘book’ and chose the dearer option of ‘book now – pay later, free cancellations up until the day before’. As it was late, I closed the laptop for the night and continued with the planning the next day.

Now, as this was for a big birthday I had to keep on top of my plans and my booking with The Place, I also had a few special requests which I needed to ensure were prepared upon arrival. I decided to call the number of the hotel provided and here’s my customer experience..

The Phone Call

Call answered by receptionist, “Hello, The place – Manchester, how can I help?” (the receptionist sounded prepared to take a call and welcoming)
“Hi, I’ve booked a room and need to know if you provide any special requests. Do you have a guest relations team?” I ask. “I can look into your request for you”, she replied.

What I needed

  • Prosecco & glasses, balloon & banners on arrival
  • The prices and when they need to be paid for
  • If I can pay my total price of the room bit by bit
  • What the room I will be staying in looks like and the amenities
  • Is a late check-out an option
  • Is the hotel near the train station and how far?

The Experience

I honestly can not fault the woman on reception who dealt with my call! She answered all of my questions and then some. All of my requests were met and The Place hotel went the extra mile for me every step of the way and I didn’t feel like I was asking too much or being as difficult as I knew I was being (or could have come across as). I felt like my call was dealt with professionally and with care, they understood my needs and exceeded their service.

My Arrival

I walked from the train station and a few minutes later I arrived at the reception of The Place, absolutely stunning! Great location! I was greeted quickly with a smile and soon checked in to my lovely hotel apartment. When I entered, everything (and I mean everything) I asked for was there, waiting. Banners put up in the living room ‘Happy 30th Birthday’, TV on in the bedroom which created a lovely atmosphere to walk in and Prosecco chilling in an ice bucket with two champagne flutes and just next to it was a lovely ’30’ helium balloon bobbing around. The interior was exposed brick, the size of the apartment was more than big enough, so clean and so homely, cosy and comfortable. The living room was also beautiful with wooden floors, red couches, dining table and again, peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

Check out my experience for yourself – not only were my requests dealt with on the telephone, they were consistent through e-mail contact and really, I felt they couldn’t do enough for me. Below are some of the e-mails to show exactly what I mean.

Thank you The Place – Manchester for your outstanding experience. You were fantastic.
Your customer service, hard work and dedication has not gone unnoticed!

Why not choose Manchester and stay with The Place Aparthotel on your next trip away, you won’t be disappointed.


the place2.jpg