Oh… There You Are!

That moment when you finally have a bloody clue where life is going. Blissful isn’t it? I’ve been on some journey and I’m still on it in a way but this time I’m actually able to answer people when they ask “how are you?”, “how are things going” etc.. I can tell them I have a plan and it feels absolutely friggin’ wonderful.

I thought I’d add a little update, some words of experience and a bit of bloomin’ positivity for once by sharing what i’ve learned and hopefully continuing to help you on your path to wherever.

These little points are about thinking of yourself and taking that control of your own life that you probably forgot was yours!


Lately, I’ve learned:

  • People DO care.. As much as you may think people are just talking at you when you’re in a hard-ass situation, they actually are talking the best sense you’ve heard in your life. They will also listen to you repeat yourself time and time again, tear after tear and still be there for you. When you have amazing people like this around, don’t let them go
  • Its YOUR life (believe it or not) .. Yep, that’s right. This life is YOURS so guess who’s #1…? and guess who’s in charge of it…? YOU ARE! and you’ll not be able to give your 100% until you realise that and start looking after #1.
    Do it, try something today that’s just for you. You deserve it!
  • The waiting game is pretty dangerous ... If you wait for a decision to be made for you, well, you could be waiting forever my friend.
    Make your own decisions, put your life into your own hands and I can promise you that as soon as you put your life in order you will feel so much more positive. Just knowing you’re going somewhere even if it wasn’t what you’ve been waiting for, remember that you’ve just made a decision for yourself and for your own future. You should be proud!
  • It’s not how I imagined … Things won’t always be how you thought they would. The way you vision something to turn out or the way you think someone feels isn’t always going to be as you would like it to be and the answers you get aren’t always going to be how you expect.
    “So what should I do?” – Accept it. Don’t dwell on it and look after yourself, especially your mind.
    So what if it’s not perfect. So what if it’s not ideal. You are worth it and you will get back all you’re putting in to life right now. It’s on it’s way to you. It’s just waiting for the right moment and when it happens – there you’ll stand remembering who you are and that you deserve to be happy
  • I almost forgot – HAVE FUN, say YES and remember there are people in your life who want the best for you 🙂

There’s a lot I’ve learned lately. I had really lost myself in the last few months and i’m on the first stepping stone towards bringing me back to life and people are noticing already which is awesome!

oooh & I’m going to be starting my very own YouTube channel soon! I wanted to wait until life was back to how it was supposed to be but I’ve also learned that’s not actually a thing so screw it, time waits for no-one and I’m not either! There’s a lot to do first but I’m getting there so if you wanna be super amazing and follow what i’m up to so far then go check out my Instagram 😀

Catch up soon!

Wads of love & smiles,

Zara x

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It may not seem it but I do and I don’t mean it.

I’m throwing myself right into this one. I know that my handle doesn’t always match my posts but you’ve gotta know that I wouldn’t even be blogging if it wasn’t for my passion for customer service and experiences.

Experiences – there’s so many things that swim around this word, ‘experiences’ what does it mean? we have good ones, bad ones, big ones, small ones, life changing ones – some which are for better and some for worse. Life is full of them but why do we have to face the ones that make us wish we could have more control of what’s thrown at us? I don’t know either but we’ve got no choice than to experience these experiences and learn from them. Things like that always seem such a cliche “life throws these things at you to make you a better person” – why? So many times in life where it leaves me asking ‘why?’ and that feels kind of silly that I have to ask such a question, surely I should know the answer ’cause these are my ‘experiences’ so why am I asking why they’re happening?

I’m a ‘people pleaser’, A few years ago I would have said that I was a ‘people person’ but that doesn’t quite fit my personality lately. Instead of connecting with people and getting on a mutual level that everyone can relate to, have fun and enjoy each other’s company I find myself wanting to ‘people please’ instead. I fight a battle with my vocabulary as I become a record on repeat asking the same questions and giving the same answers, “are you ok?”, “Sorry” , “Yeah, I’m fine” or “No, I’m not fine, but I will be” , “what do you need” , “How can I help” or “what can I do” and all those kinds of short sentences. I feel I can sense greatly when there’s a tension in a situation and I feel I’m good at knowing what the other person needs at the time yet I never ask or do what I need and I carry on saying it’s “Ok” when really I need a break. I need a moment of clear, calm and I can’t even think of another word which describes the opposite to stress.

A couple, or maybe even a few years ago now, I had a bit of a knock-back experience with a friendship group, I won’t get into now but from this experience, I can only tell you now that you’ll be surprised how much of an impact people have on your life, it can really affect you long-term depending on the kind of person you are and if you’re like me, someone who questions most things in life, then be careful who you let in and make a difference to you as a person because to this day I still question “what if I’d taken the advice I refused before?” if I had essentially ‘people pleased’, would life be better or worse? or am I once again on the road of ‘Do what you’re told, not what you believe is right’

Here’s another question, what would you answer to this? ‘If people say “only you know what’s best” – What do you do when you really haven’t got a clue?”

Again, I don’t have the answer but what I’ve been doing is plodding through it really, questioning every single thought, wanting to glue my lips together to stop me from talking because when I speak the first thing I think is ” was that the right thing to say? Did I just offend, disappoint or upset you?” It’s all really topsy turvy and a hard experience to have and I’m sure there are millions of people who can relate.

If you can, take the time you need. Yes, the show must go on but you’re the star and you must be centre stage ready! I’m still not quite there with taking that advice, life doesn’t always allow you to do what you need exactly at the time you need it but with saying that there will be people to help you along the way, people who want to be there for you and you’ll know the sincere ones, I believe I do and I know those who aren’t but who’s obliged to care? No-One so feel lucky when people do.

Hold on to the hopes and dreams you have and take those steps to get to where you want to be. I don’t know why these unavoidable experiences show themselves to each of us, choices we’ve made, choices we’re about to make and choices waiting for us to make so we can experience the next thing. The dark circles around my eyes, the constant headaches and the fear of disappointing everyone I come into contact with is something life is throwing at me now – my current life ‘experience’. I’ll let you know how it all turns out. If i figure out the answers to my ‘why’s’, I’ll be sure to share and aim to help you through any tough experiences you’re having.

Blog it. Cry it out. Scream. Laugh and do whatever the hell you need to so you can still experience a smile, even if it isn’t as often as you’d like, it’s there waiting for you through your next chapter.

Don’t forget how to love and start to learn how to forget the irrelevant stress that comes your way!

Lots of love!



You Got This.

Usually, I begin a post with a title in mind after long thoughts of what I want to blog about and how it will best be put into words, a title usually throws itself at me. Not this time. I have no choice but to write and see what best describes my post once I’ve figured it all out. ‘Figured it all out’ – there’s a phrase. A selection of words which create a short sentence that many if not all of us can say we haven’t done. And is that wrong? Why is it portrayed to us in movies and social media that the majority have to have it all worked out and people need to be for their futures by ‘this age’? They aren’t. And that’s Okay.

I’d say I’ve done and lived a lot in my 26 years. Well, certainly from the age of around 19. The age I decided life wasn’t doing what I needed it to and applied to work as a kid’s rep abroad the joy was unreal when I found I was successful in my application. Before I knew it I was all trained up, packed and ready to jet off to sunny Zante (Greece).

A few years and 5 seasons later, I returned to the UK to settle into A life back home. It wasn’t easy. I would go into the struggles I faced but I don’t think I or the world is ready for that. My close friends, boyfriend and family saw me through my hard times of 2014 and I can say it was definitely a roller-coaster. The doubts that went through my head of being home for ‘good’ scared the life of me. It soon settled down as I adjusted to life and had my epiphany that your world is what you make it and one day I discovered the ability to once again turn negatives into positives. Had i begun to ‘figure it all out’? Nope.

Being Twenty-Something isn’t all make-up and hen parties. Being Twenty-Something is a confusing, spinning, high, low, left and right mental block. Well, to me anyway. More questions, the desire to make the ‘perfect life’ and the need to have or at least to have begun to ‘figure it all out’. Let me tell you, it doesn’t happen easily or quickly and for me, not really (just yet). Don’t take that as a negative, I spoke earlier about swinging those negatives into positives and that’s what we’re going to do!


At Twenty-Something, I think you’ll all agree (and will find many blogs about) is the age where some puzzle pieces fit together, and some are those really awkward pieces where someone’s ripped off the bobbly bit that would’ve fit perfectly into the space! This age shows you which friends really are for life and which aren’t (or weren’t if you’ve already figured this dilemma out). This age begins to really slap you in the face with some hard reality which makes you realise not everyone will like you. Not everyone has the same intentions as you and most of all not everyone will want to see you succeed. That’s fine.


So, as we’ve gathered. It aint’ all clear in ones mind about what life is, what it isn’t and what it should or shouldn’t  be but it’s here. Being lived and will continue to do so therefore, what’s best is not to ‘figure it out’ but to live through everything life catapults at you and throw it right back with a lesson learned, loved and ready for the next one.


I do know that finding a way to express my experiences through my blog is one of the most wonderful decisions I’ve made. I love it. I love blogging about, well, everything. I’ve just began a ‘Skin Care and Professional Make-Up Artist Level 3’ course which is mega detailed about all things beauty (behind the scenes and in front). I’m currently learning ‘The Biology of Skin’ which is amazing and I can’t wait to start practising my new skills and knowledge on my biggest loves. My friends, family and boyfriend. (They’re clearly in for a treat) I’m doing this course as I’ve always had a love for beauty and helping others through beauty and this started at a really young age as I used to be in awe of my Auntie’s and their fabulous looks. I have a full-time job training as Nursery Manager which is awesome and when I’m not working, I turn to my hobbies which make me who I am. Beauty, Travel & Blogging.

I would love to have the answers to deliver the best way to embrace life’s challenges but I’m still finding those ways for myself and when I experience those I’ll be sure to share. In the meantime, here’s what I find works for me…

  • Coffee. Americano with a TINY DASH of milk – For daily strength
  • Poached Egg, Avocado, Chilli & Lime – For a wonderful brunch
  • Beauty Box Subscriptions – For a Monthly Treat
  • Lay-In WHENEVER YOU CAN – Cause sleep is fan-bloomin-tastic
  • Bubble Baths followed by a face-mask, scented candles and something you love on Netflix
  • Speak in a Scottish accent. Your colleagues will LOVE it (they won’t. but if you laugh at your own jokes, this one’s for you)
  • Face-Time with your bestie during pamper time
  • Book a trip away. Have a cocktail. Go shopping. Sleep and Lay-in (If you love sleep as much as me, take advantage of that late check-out!)
  • Talk about it. To yourself or whoever you feel most comfortable with
  • Remove and Remember. Remove yourself from negativity (go for a walk, take that bubble bath or sit in the back of your fave’ coffee shop) and Remember the things, people, places that make you feel calm & happy
  • Smile. A smile is something which isn’t always easy to wear. When I find mine doesn’t fit, I’ll dig out my reserve and pop it on with some help of one of the above or quite simply write to you 🙂

Do whatever it is that makes you remember you. If you forget your smile, it’s okay. If life is more stressful than you’d like, don’t worry. It won’t be tomorrow. We’re all learning more about ourselves every.single.day. Enjoy it. Live it. Change things which will make you love life that little more and keep going. You got this, even when you know you haven’t.