Beautiful Service

I can’t express enough how excited I am to be blogging about one of my biggest passions – beauty! (and being ‘beautified!’) The best part of the month after payday is when that appointment comes around to sort those nails, tame those brows and flare those lashes and for me all this happens at Studio 21!

For a long time now I’ve been going to Studio 21 for every single beauty need whether it’s a quick wax or a two-hour pamper session, this is where you’ll find me and here’s why…

As soon as you’re walked in you’re welcomed with a smile then you take your seat while you await your beautiful destiny! Your professional beautician will come over and show you to the station where all the stresses and annoyances in the world will slowly drift away as your much needed relaxation time begins!

The salon is white with simple yet glamourous decor, it really sets the scene as you instantly feel comfortable and inspired towards your next look.

I love to laugh and be myself! who doesn’t? When I use Studio 21 I’m always guaranteed a professional beautician, a good cuppa and a laugh! The staff really take their time to find out exactly what you need and how they can provide it for you (even if this means taking forever and a day to choose the perfect gelish colour for your mani/pedi) – They’re your best pal for the next hour or three!

Lydia, one of the beauticians and the Business Development Manager is amazing at what she does and you can tell she really takes pride in providing the best for her clients. I should know, I’m one of them! Just look at those nails in the picture below – You gelish?

Prices are affordable, service is friendly, results are gorgeous!

I would definitely recommend Studio 21 and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. You can either choose to book the same member of staff for all of your beauty needs or the salon will allocate you a beautician, I’ve done both and I’m mega happy with the service I’ve had and I’m sure you would too!  Go on – treat yourselves and click the link below 😉

P.S – they even have a real-life dentist on a Thursday who will make your smile even more flawless when you book in and splurge on that extra special teeth whitening treat!

Have a peek at some pictures two of the lovely staff took for me, Lydia & Nicole. Nails are by Lydia and lashes by Nicole. Thank you ladies & I’ll see you at my next appointment 😀